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At L.A. Sports & Spine, we address activity-limiting problems with a science-based approach, combining different non-surgical methods to find what works best for you. 

Our goal at L.A. Sports & Spine is to help you feel better. The science tells us “function better to feel better”. Each program is individualized to meet your unique needs.  Together we will develop a sustainable strategy so you can perform at your peak.

We will help you understand why you’re in pain & help you build a plan to raise you’re  capacity so you can achieve healthy longevity & sustainable athleticism. 

At the heart of our approach is to restore your abilities and make you feel less fragile. It's not about exercises you have to do or treatments you must receive. Instead our approach strives to provide reassurance about your condition and to reactivate you. We want to help you bridge the gap from your current capabilities to your activity goals (e.g. home, work, recreation & sport) in a time-sensitive manner. 

Modern life involves so much sitting and sedentarism, placing a heavy burden on our physiological program for upright posture. We branched off from the evolutionary ape tree over 8 million years ago & perfected our evolution as homo sapien over 300,000 years ago into an upright species. Tragically, we are now polluting this well-honed central nervous system program with dire consequences such as pain, heart disease, falls, dementia, frailty, etc. Our life span has increased but our health span has not, leaving most people living their final years in PREVENTABLE disability. At L.A.S.S. we want to create an agile, sustainable approach to activity.

Whereas most modern pain management systems place emphasis on the body's “hardware” (X-Rays, MRI, surgery...), at L.A.S.S. we focus on re-booting the body's “software”. We will diagnose if there's anything serious wrong and make appropriate referrals if need be. However, in over 90% of cases we want to put you back in control by getting your body out of a crisis, “safe mode" and back to pain-free, unhindered performance. 

Our mission statement highlights our goal - 


"At L.A. Sports and Spine our mission is to create an environment in which every patient feels valued, inspired, and challenged. Beginning from your first visit you should leave with renewed energy, tangible hope, and an achievable plan of action."

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