TeleHealth & Online Lifestyle Coaching

1-on-1 consultations with Dr. Liebenson

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Liebenson right now via Zoom.

Service: Rehabilitation, Training, Coaching & Lifestyle Consultations for promoting resilient, sustainable activities you value. 

Training, Coaching & Lifestyle Consultations

Training, Coaching or Lifestyle Consultations will include a thorough Needs Analysis and advice about self-care & programming.

Initial consultations will include a written recap & supportive information. 

Set up Your Consultation

Meet with Dr. Liebenson from anywhere.


1.  Go to our Jane appointment scheduler. Select the first available appointment with Dr. Liebenson, to get you in the system. 

2. It will prompt you to fill out an initial Needs Analysis (2 forms)

3. Email - when the forms are completed, providing:

  • your cell phone number, &

  • indicating if you'd like an appointment as soon as possible 

4. Dr. Liebenson will review the paperwork & help you to find an open time slot for your initial 90 minute TeleHealth/Lifestyle Coaching evaluation. 


$450 for the initial consultation (90 min)


$180 for follow-ups (45 min).


Non-refundable, pre-payment is required for consultations. This is full and final payment and no refund will be given unless cancelled a minimum of 24 hours before.

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