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Samantha (Sam) Butts is a Kinesiologist and Certified Kettlebell Coach, living on the West Coast in BC, Canada. She earned her Bachelor's Degree of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia and soon after began her career working as a Personal Trainer & Kinesiologist, Group Fitness and Spin Instructor for the next 5+ years. In 2021, Sam obtained her Russian Kettlebell Certification after 8 months of learning and training with the best in the field. 


On a personal level, Sam has navigated a life of persistent and limiting pain and injuries for years, in and out of competitive sport. Living in rehab purgatory became the norm. Through her initial years of working with people in similar circumstances, she soon recognized there was a major ‘client-centered care’ gap in musculoskeletal rehab and healthcare and sought out the resources to level up her care for her clients. 


Through continued mentorship with Dr. Craig Liebenson, Dr. Ryan Chow and the First Principles of Movement, she has pivoted her practice away from the norm. Sam now works WITH her clients, exemplifying what they CAN do for themselves, versus what they need ‘fixing’, and prioritizing compassion, education, the anti-fragilistic mindset & building self-efficacy through strength training.


In turn, she intends to support her clients in establishing movement proficiency and confidence, learning the 'why’ behind the ‘what’ and building the reassurance needed to be better equipped to self-manage their pain, as it arises. From a personal and professional standpoint, Sam recognizes that rehab and training exist on a continuum. She believes in training for resilience and longevity across the healthspan, through life, sport & play, and understands strength as the foundation of everything we do and everything we are. It’s all about building a bigger cup to live from! 


Sam lives true to the west coast lifestyle and enjoys long walks on the beach with her pup and husband, surfing, and coffee shop dates, residing in a small coastal town on Vancouver Island. She’s a dedicated lifelong student, loves swinging kettlebells, drinking smoothies and deliberately jumping into the cold ocean when no one else will. You’ll know how to pick her out from a crowd, as she’s always the loudest one in the room (most likely cheering people on).

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